Inspired by her father Professor Zemaryalai Tarzi, the  APAA, Association for the Protection of Afghan Archaeology, was founded by Nadia Tarzi in December of 2002 in the State of California, U.S.A.

The initiative to create the Association was a call from the heart and brought together a father’s expertise and a daughter’s passion. A non-profit organization with 501C3 status, APAA is dedicated to the Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of Afghanistan.

APAA seeks to develop a broad awareness and appreciation for Afghan archaeological heritage for the purpose of preserving cultural treasures for the educational and financial benefit of current and future generations.

Working with archaeologists, experts and the Afghan community, we develop advocacy campaigns for lost or stolen objects as well as neglected and endangered sites. We provide assistance in the professional training of future Afghan archaeologists within the framework of scientific research. We publish archaeological research results and create publications for the general public and children, present lectures, organize conferences, and cultural events.

APAA is preparing to launch a Scientific Delegation comprised of Afghan specialists and selected world experts on Afghan and Central Asian archaeology. As the archaeological heritage of Afghanistan is in constant peril, APAA aims to raise awareness and get experts and the public involved and help to protect the archaeological heritage of Afghanistan.

This blog will keep you posted on current archaeological and cultural heritage issues in Afghanistan, background information, interviews with people involved in the subject matter, and food for thought about Afghanistan’s heritage.